About Us

About Boastful Blinks


Hello Boastful Beauties! My name is Samantha Tealer. I provided Luxury Mink Lashes. Building this brand has been beyond boastful! Being able to have a certain accessory for your eyes is amazing. These lashes are 100% Human Siberian Minks. Every one of these styles you see here are handmade with beauty and care. Long lasting, soft and flexible, most of all AFFORDABLE! I’d like to say get your BLINK for your BUCK! Blink Boastful daily. Make statements without saying anything! It’s all in the lashes.



About Boastful Blinks

Our mission is to create lasting beauty and confidence through passion, dedication and excellence so our guests will look and feel amazing.


Setting industry standards, one glamorous lash at a time.

The Boastful Blinks brand started with just a few styles and heard quickly that guests like you love the glamorous look and feel of our eyelash extensions and services.  As word of the brand spread, we set to work to bring our affordable, patented services and products to as many clients as possible!

We're so proud of the way our lash styles long lasting quality, it shows up every day committed to being the best. It's thanks to them that we are confident in the brand’s ability to offer you exceptional results and careand that's what it's all about!

At Boastful Blinks, we are proud to be an organization that reflects the diversity of our communities. We embrace our differences and continually strive to be better because of them.


Leading with Boastful Values

Boastful Blinks is motivated by seven core values that are part of our DNA and inherent in everything we do. They are the foundation of our culture, our brand, and our business strategies. 


Respect: We are fearless in fostering a sense of belonging for everyone

  • Passion: We are fearless about putting our client at the center of everything we do
  • Innovation: We are fearless when we take risks to enhance the client experience
  • Initiative: We are fearless when it comes to taking action and designing solutions
  • Expertise: We are fearless when it comes to learning and growing
  • Balance: We are fearless in demonstrating care for ourselves and each other
  • Teamwork: We are fearless in how we work together and accomplish any task at hand